Tooth Saving Tips

Patients today have more options than ever before to treat their teeth. Understanding your choices and their impact on your future dental health and lifestyle is important. 

Saving a natural tooth  with Endodontic treatment should always be the first choice for the best health and cosmetic results.

There are many advantages to saving your natural tooth:

  • efficient chewing
  • normal biting force, so you do not need to adapt your chewing pattern or food choices
  • maintains a natural appearance
  • limits the need for more costly, ongoing dental work

Tips for Saving Your Teeth

  1. If you are given a choice between root canal treatment or tooth extraction, it is advisable to choose root canal treatment. Dentistry has yet to produce a denture, bridge or implant that looks, feels and functions as well as a natural tooth.
  2. If your dentist recommends tooth extraction, ask whether root canal treatment is an option.
  3. If your dentist says that an Endodontic procedure is not an option, ask why, and request a referral to an Endodontist.  Endodontists  specialize in saving teeth, and have studied an additional three years of post graduate training in root canal procedures. They are experts at diagnosing and relieving tooth pain, and use advanced technology and equipment to treat patients quickly and comfortably.