Advanced Technology

NTHTCEENDODONTICS32 North Terrace Endodontics utilises the most up to date technology and advancements available in dentistry. 

Digital X-Rays and imaging

Dental radiographs are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating and maintaining dental health. Using digital radiography reduces exposure time   by aproximately 90 percent  compared to traditional radiographs. 

Radiographs enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level and analyze the health of your bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors as well as assess damage when trauma occurs.

Radiographs also show the progression of healing in the surrounding tissues of teeth during and after endodontic treatment.

Digital imaging allows us to store patient images indefinitely without deterioration or discolouring of a traditional X-ray film which occurs due to exposure to variable temperatures or light. Digital imaging also  enables us to quickly and easily transfer radiographs to  your general dentist or specialists if necessary.

Digital X-rays offer an almost immediate image to view directly on the computer monitor. With a larger image to view and the software used to support the digital imaging and  more diagnostic tools within the  software to interpret or enhance the images,  less radiographs need to be taken. 

Surgical Microscopes

The introduction of the surgical microscope has revolutionized the field of Endodontic Microsurgery. At North Terrace Endodontics we have utilised this advanced technology for over 15 years and microscopes are installed in each surgery. We invested in the very best quality microscopes to  provide unparalleled magnification and illumination for our endodontic procedures.

Cone Beam CT

Our practice uses state-of-the-art, small volume cone-beam CT (computed tomography) technology that provides highly accurate, 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning and endodontic treatment of teeth.  This allows three-dimensional visualisation of teeth, bone, sinuses and surrounding structures with minimal radiation to the patient, enabling a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies (regular dental x-rays). With the addition of cone-beam CT technology, our practice is committed to providing innovative, high-quality patient care.


The use of ultrasonics in endodontic treatment and microsurgery reduces the use of the dental drill and allows us to delicately carry out many procedures with great accuracy.  In tandem with fine nickel titanium ultrasonic tips and the operating microscope, we can now treat many conditions with improved and predictable success.

Nickel-titanium instrumentation

Highly engineered rotary nickel-titanium instruments are more gentle, accurate and conservative of tooth structure.  Using these instruments improves the overall comfort of the procedure while conserving the integrity and strength of the tooth.


To ensure all of the spaces inside of your tooth have been cleared and cleaned we need to know how long your tooth is.  Traditionally this was done with one or more radiographs (x-rays).  An apex locator will give us this information electronically, thus minimising the need for as many radiographs making the procedure  more streamlined and efficient.